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A Resolution of Support for the

2011 Vision Statement for FBC Lithia Springs

WHEREAS, the Deacon body of FBC Lithia Springs' primary role and function is to support the ministry of the Pastors of our church through engaged ministry to the congregation; and

WHEREAS, believing that God will provide direction for His body at FBC Lithia Springs through our Pastor, to include the vision for our congregation; and

WHEREAS, seeking to follow that God-given direction as a church in unity and harmony; and

WHEREAS, having been presented with that Vision Statement on Sunday, January 9th, 2011 during our Combined Worship Service; and

WHEREAS, the explanation of that 2011 Vision Statement being that we are "Connecting: People to God, People to One Another, and People to Ministry and Missions"; and

WHEREAS, accepting that this Vision Statement has started within out Pastor, will build upon our past, speaks to the needs of people, provides the godly guidance for our church, can unite people for God's plan, and will give energy for God to accomplish His plan; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Deacons of FBC Lithia Springs express support of the 2011 Vision Statement as expressed by our Senior Pastor, Kevin McKoy; and

Be It Further RESOLVED, that the Deacons of FBC Lithia Springs encourage all members of FBC Lithia Springs to endorse and support this Vision Statement in order to promote greater harmony and unity and to allow God's great plans to be further realized as we continue to share Christ with our community and beyond.